Sunday, June 22, 2014

MIM #169:Chalk and embossing!

Hello all,

I am back! In case you were wondering--No I did not fall into a deep chasm and spent the past month clawing myself up; no I did not hop on Route 66 (which passes fairly close by our house) and start walking until I hit the ocean; and no, I most certainly did not stop loving this wonderful craft obsession. My other half, my 3-year-old son and I hit the road and drove to Las Vegas and then California for a family wedding and our eldest nephew's high school graduation. As I am chronically ill and more bionic than not (it seems), with oxygen machine, wheelchair among other 'life-sustaining' paraphernalia in tow, it makes for quite a packing ordeal. Making mobile a makeshift hospital doesn't happen overnight...ask my hubby! ;) So in any case, I'm back, exhausted but was itching to craft!!! Here is one of my submission's to this week's MIM with Melissa Phillips-- as always, so incredibly beautiful and feminine...I am in awe of her work!!

I think I was channeling Betsy Veldman here with my color selection-- I just am loving the Summer sunshine and was inspired by colors that were bright and rich, especially in contrast to the soft chalk background. 
 Here's a close up... such a fun technique!

I'll be back with more and until then...
Craft on!

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